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MiniDis is a Pan European b-to-b supplier of professional mini-PC products and solutions.

We ship to companies and organisations in all European memberstates. For regular or project demand we offer the lowest prices available. We add value to your project.

Our webshop contains the top best of breed products available ready to use in your project or for reselling. Contact us if you cannot find the specific model you require or for special quotations. We offer eBox and din-PC in more than 1000 variations.

Liva One - the flexibile desktop PC for business workloads

In a market where major brands are not flexible to change their Desktop PC's with current market demands, we introduce a brand new and very powerfull desktop PC, the LIVA One.
Liva One sets the new standard on powerfull mini Desktop PC's which fulfills both consumer as well as business demands for SMB or Enterprise workloads
Equiped with the latest Intel technology we can customise Liva One in any configuration you desire.

Liva One will be positioned as a project based demand product which will give huge cost savings if ordered at project quantities.



LIVA-X2-Intel-Braswell-SoC-4GB-DDR3L-RAM-64GB-eMMC-SSD-White-Wifi-Bluetooth-4-VESA-MOUNT-NO-OSLIVA-X2 - In..€ 249,00€ 224,00LIVA-X-Intel-Bay-Trail-M-4GB-Ram-no-ssd-Black-Wifi-BluetoothLIVA-X - Int..€ 179,00Headless-HDMI-Display-terminator-1920x1080Headless HDM..€ 23,00Heatsink-for-Fit-PC2(i)Heatsink for..€ 12,00€ 7,00eBox-3350MX-1Ghz-512MB-RAM-SD-slot-1xLAN-VGA-3xUSBeBox-3350MX ..€ 119,00MARS Dev KitMARS 200 Dev..€ 299,00€ 275,00eBox-3100-400Mhz-512MB-DDR3-RAM-SDHC-slot-1xLAN-2xUSB-1xRS-232-Audio-In-OuteBox-3100 - ..€ 99,81€ 74,81Active-HDMI>VGA-adapterActive HDMI>..€ 29,00€ 21,00

LIVA Core available

LIVA Core is the new definition of computing. Small Size, Big numbers, Intel 5400HD graphics with DUAL HDMI port, newest Intel Core-M 14nm technology, Windows Cortana support,  ready to use for desktop replacement, thin-client, narrowcasting or domotica solutions.
Preloaded with Microsoft Windows 10


The new EBOX-3350DX2

Faster than its predecessor EBOX-3350MX, the EBOX-3350DX2 series low power 32bit x86 SoC industrial specifications make it some of the finest units for bulk control and monitoring unit. The DX2 SoC has some optimized features compatible with running Windows 7 embedded.

4 types will be available, in both AP and NON-AP (Autopower) versions and versions with 2 COM ports.

Compared to the 3330/3332DX2 series, the 3350DX2 is much cooler in more perspectives.


Highlight: Intense-PC2 dual-core Intel I7 - 3Ghz high throughput mini-PC

Intense-PC2 is the latest addition to our succesfull line   
of products. The fastest fanless mini-PC on Earth today. Triple-display +4K resolution.
Very fast throughput makes it suitable for workstation, server appliance, rich multimedia and narrowcasting solutions.

Flexible OS and Storage options are available from normal 2.5inch SATA harddisk or fast-SSD storage.
Full Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 and multiple Linux support.

2 available SO-DIMM 1600Mhz slots for RAM up to 16 GB. Standard 2x 1Gbit/s LAN, 2xUSB 3.0 port, 6x USB2.0 port, 2xHDMI and Displayport. WIFI (DUAL ANTENNA).
UPDATE: august 1, 2014 - now on stock



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